Friday, June 22, 2007

Could We and Would He (Fred) Make This Part Of His 2008 Platform

I am believing in a Fred / Mike ticket. Huckabee has established himself as a top tier candidate. He is a solid V-P choice.

With Romney at the top. Huckabee is a Southerner and a Southern Baptist while Mitt is from the Northeast and a Mormon.

With Rudy a Yankee with a liberal mindset and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist.

With McCain a Westerner with a liberal bent and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist.

With Fred a Southerner and a member of the Church of Christ and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist. Fred is a little more serious. Mike has a funny side to break the ice.

Governor Mike Huckabee a solid V-P and a top tier Presidential candidate.


Anonymous said...

Huckabee may be a good VP candidate, but that won't help the GOP from the blowback that is coming due to the idiocy, incompetence, and illegality of the Bush regime.

Brian Hornback said...

That would be your opinion and one that you are entitled to, however, the Democrats have not changed Washington for the better as they indicated that they would.

If in fact they are against the war and want to bring the troops home, why haven't they voted down all troop spending bills. Because they are no different than Bush and the Republicans.

Doug McCaughan said...

Fred has a Twitter account!

The race for the presidency on the Internet should be interesting this time around.

Doug McCaughan said...

I bet all the candidates are going to have aids twittering

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid neither party is worth a damn...the system is too corrupt and the special interests are too powerful.

Bring back the Articles of Confederation!!!!