Monday, August 02, 2010

Haslam "Spy Boy" aka Neal Joins Turkey Creek Rally

The Haslam campaign employs a young preppy kid named Neal. His job is to be the "spy boy" at all Zach Wamp appearances. In his pocket is a recording device, recording all Zach Wamp's comments to send back to Hq's. This is yet another ploy that Haslam no doubt retrieved from Mayor Bloomberg. It has become comical that the Haslam would think that the Wamp campaign is skeered of him. Today, at the Turkey Creek rally Zach even said we have "spy boy" with us. Some campaign volunteers talked to him last Monday evening in Monroe County and he said "I am only doing the job I am paid to do." When he gets called out he leaves quickly. He did not stay long after he was singled out today at Turkey Creek. Here are the shots of him that Brian's Blog obtained.

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