Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Haslam is The Least Conservative of the Three Candidates

Yesterday the Tennessee Conservative Union, the state's oldest and largest organization with a 15,000 members statewide released the ratings of the three gubernatorial candidates.

Income Tax

Zach Wamp A+
Ron Ramsey A+,
Bill Haslam Incomplete. Haslam's father being the author of an editorial endorsing the statewide income tax proposal of 1999. There is no evidence that Bill Haslam has opposed an income tax.

Second Amendment

Ron Ramsey A+
Zach Wamp A
Bill Haslam C - The organization does not believe that Haslam is a gun grabber. But the idea that he would be a member of Mayor Bloomberg's gun buy back program is evidence that he doesn't grasp the fundamental issue like Ramsey or Wamp.

Social Issues

Zach Wamp A+
Ron Ramsey A
Bill Haslam C


Zach Wamp A
Ron Ramsey A
Bill Haslam C - passed an initial property tax increase with his first City of Knoxville budget. He stated his reason was due to the previous administrations construction of an ill conceived, money draining convention center.

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