Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Is Randy Walker Saying?

In the August 12, 2010 Farragut Press, Democrat State Senate Candidate Randy Walker has an ad. It is not an uncommon political ad. It has a picture of Walker and his family, who are enjoyable people. I have met both Randy and his wife. He list 5 bullet points, a successful businessman, a child advocate, a proven friend of Law enforcement, a no-nonsense, working class. Christian, family man, a proven leader and problem solver and he list his website, which is here, his twitter is here. But his slogan is "Common Sense for a Change" Now, Walker is running for the seat that has been vacated by Knox County Mayor - Elect Tim Burchett. What common sense has State Senator Burchet not exhibited over his State Senate career? Burchett served as State Senator in the 101st - 106th General Assemblies.

The Republican nominee is State Representative Stacey Campfield, who has not served in the State Senate, yet. His website is here, his blog is here, his twitter is here and the facebook is here.

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