Sunday, August 26, 2012

WBIR Loses Another to be a Knox Schools Media Support Person

According to one of my sources, Sean Dreher of WBIR Weekend News Staff announced that he is leaving WBIR to take a PR position with Knox County Schools.

I contacted Melissa Copelan, the head media go to person for Schools. She informed me that Erik Hudson had left earlier this summer to accept another job out of state. Dreher will be a multi media specialist.

No new job created and I am sure there is no increase of dollars in the Schools PR Department. Let's certainly hope not, cause Property Assessor Phil Ballard will try and match any increase the schools would have.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed tonight the same reporter was reporting on Knox Co. schools being on the state "reward" list.

Now I'll admit that a number of people have poor eyesight when it comes to seeing potential conflict of interests and what not, but you'd expect the WBIR to do better. Or do ALL the media people work for Knox County schools these days?