Sunday, August 12, 2012

If McElroy is Tweeting & Blogging Truth, Then Why?

Jack McEloy blogged and then tweeted that Pam Strickland was and is acting on her own in the sworn statement to the District Attorney General concerning Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett campaign finance questions made by his estranged wife.

If McElroy's assertion is correct, why has he posted here an unsigned, not notarized copy of the complaint. If he had no knowledge, no input and no involvement shouldn't his copy be a copy of the actual filing?


Anonymous said...

Are Pam and Mike Strickland related?

Anonymous said...

McElroy is spinning so fast he's getting dizzy.

Out of control, trying to fix things.

Anonymous said...

Can we file an FOI to seek Dr. McIntyre's emails and/or Melissa Copelan's to see if they had any contact with any soon-to-be ex wives, or any political groups like Support Our Schools and the Chamber?