Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Breaking News: Big Metal Shed Finds One

Sources near the Big Metal Shed on the Hill have told me that Editor jack McElroy has convinced once a week column writer Pam Strickland to go to the District Attorney General's office and swear out a complaint on Mayor Tim Burchett in the fallout from his estranged wife Allison's accusations.

It seems that since McElroy's superiors were upset over his mocking the incident in a skit at the Front Page Follies, McElroy wasn't cleared to swear out the accusation. He is tied up like a pig on slaughter day.

So, enter Pam Strickland. She is the columnist that hasn't had a kind word to print in her weakly columns. She is continually attacking Burchett. She even went so far as to accuse him of being in a ladies restroom because a Burchett bumper sticker was on the wall. Heck, that could have been Allison that put the bumper sticker there. I mean in the 48 months she allowed the Mayor to live at his home, she put on a stand by your man pose.

I wonder if it has occurred to Sttickland that if her sworn complaint is determined to have no value, that she will be responsible for the legal fees incurred by the Mayor. I am confident that Al Harb is no Ogle, Elrod and Barile. You know the ones that only get paid, if you do.


Anonymous said...

Pam Schtickland.

What a surprise. Not!

Anonymous said...

Seems lick Strickland might have a conflict of interest there, might'n she?

I might doing Jack's dirty ( or dirtier) work for him?

Poor Jack. He didn't realize that once you start making deals with the devil, it's always easier to get into them than to get out of them.

Mike said...

If i was the DA, I'd make them present it to the grandjury themselves and become laughing stocks.

Anonymous said...

So when Pam has to pay, what happens? Will Jack write the check? Or will the taxpayers have to bail deadbeat Pam out again?