Sunday, January 03, 2010

Shopper, Clark and Van Guilder are Bias Against the Truth

E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News through it's reporter Larry Van Gallder and Editor Sandra Clark have published at least 5 stories about the Recall Bill Phillips effort in the months of November and December 2009. In all of those 5 articles the reporter NEVER contacted School Board Member Bill Phillips or his wife Karen Phillips for comment on any of his "news stories".

However, the deadline for turning in the petition was December 26, 2009. That means that the Shopper could have reported in their paper last Monday or even in tomorrows edition the failed outcome of the effort. No article last week or this week that the Recall Bill Phillips group failed to Recall Board Member Phillips. Sources within the Recall group have informed us that Van Guilder was informed well in advance that their effort failed. So, why would Van Guilder not report the groups failure? Is it because he would have to report his own failure?

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Anonymous said...

Ask Sandra why she covers for HPUD as well. Thats an ethical issue she wont address beacause HPUD pays teh Shopper thousands a year in advertisments. Why does a monopoly pay for ads using ratepayer money? HPUD has raised combined water/sewer rates more than 220% since 2001. Its a fact.