Sunday, January 31, 2010

KNS Lies! Brian's Blog aka Truth Squad Calls Foul.

Today with this article Josh Flory, business reporter; Jack McElroy, Editor and Patrick Birmingham, Publisher have printed a slanderous lie about former County Commissioner and private citizen Scott Moore. Underneath a photograph that was taken of Moore on Thursday the reporter authored, the editor approved and the publisher printed the following verbiage.

Scott Moore, during a meeting Thursday of the Board of Zoning Appeals at the City County Building, was involved in SHE Group, LLC, an oak ridge auto company that filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in August.

Mr. Moore was not involved in SHE Group, LLC. The paper has documented his involvement in the Cabbage Road property that was purchased and ultimately placed as collateral. However, when the property was purchased Moore had no other involvement. The paper detailed yesterday that Moore had obtained property at a county surplus sale that was then sold to a major stakeholder in SHE Group, LLC. Flory obviously has all the corporate records of SHE Group, LLC (especially the ones filed in accordance with the bankruptcy) and our sources indicate that Moore is not listed as an owner, stakeholder, officer or has any official involvement with SHE Group, LLC.

The position of Brian's Blog is that if the information is accurate then report it. But, for the little boys club at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill to fabricate information in an effort to slander Moore is not an adherence to the Scripps motto "Give light and the people will find their way." With McElroy it is about turning the lights out and making the people believe the odor of good ole little boy club.

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Steve Mule said...

I think you have a point here. However, it might not be as big, important ... whatever, as you make it out to be. Mr. Moore WAS involved with the SHE Group, but only as a "finder", not as you correctly point out as an Owner, Shareholder, Officer or anything like that.
I do not beleive that KNS is lying but their statement (caption) does need clarification as to what exactly Mr. Moore's involment with the SHE Group was.
It's possible the KNS simply assumed that everyone would know about this subtle point and this resulted in being a little sloppy.