Sunday, December 18, 2011

Election Commission Put A School Employee on the Ballot in 2010

Cliff Rodgers of the Knox County Election Commission is asking questions of Gina Oster's eligibility to be on the ballot for School Board. His Assistant Scott Frith worked as the Assistant to previous Administrator Greg Mackay when in 2010. School Board candidates Mike McMillan and Contract employee of the School District Roy Mullins were on the primary and general election ballots. So, why is Frith and an anonymous emailer asking Rodgers to waste time and county financial resources to get an opinion? Only Frith and the anonymous emailer are stating that Oster can not be a candidate.

I previously pointed out that in 2000 Carter High School Principal Jim Williams at the time was on the ballot and defeated School Board incumbent Steve Hunley. Williams retired before serving as a Board Member.

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Anonymous said...

Another important question: Why are the taxpayers footing the bill for Frith to go to law school?