Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Double Standard of the News Sentinel

So, I blogged (here) earlier today about Jack McElroy and his potty coverage of a situation where Register of Deeds Sherry Witt was an inoccent victim. We are reminded of a situation last week where an elected officials wife committed a crime, her 911 call admitting to the crime was released one week ago today. We are looking into the legality of posting Dottie Arnett's 911 call on youtube.

However, Jack Mclroy and all Scripps owned entities have published NOTHING of Dottie Arnett's confessed illegal activity. Is this because Foster is President of News Sentinel Chartities? Is it because Foster takes his marching orders from Jack McElroy? Or, is it just the double standard that exist at the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill under the direction of Jack McElroy?

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