Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congrats to Italy

Congratulations to Italy for winning the 2006 World Cup. I am a soccer fan. (a rarity in America and East Tennessee, I will admit) I believe it is a good sport that is why I coached AYSO when the Brian's Blog 15 year old was four and I currently coach Upward Soccer for a boys and a girls team. I too have coached baseball, football (the real American sport) and basketball. I guess that I am pretty well rounded. I didn't watch every game during the World Cup, but I did watch most of today's game, while working in the office.

Anytime France takes a beating is a good day. Cheers to Italy.


Frank Morris said...

Go Materazzi go!!!

Dave Oatney said...

I'm a soccer fan too Brian. I always thought it was unfortunate that the futbol has never cought on in this country.