Sunday, August 19, 2007

Matthew (Matt) Jones for Sixth District Commissioner

I have posted the following information about Republican Matthew (Matt) Jones over at Take Back Knox. Matthew is the only candidate currently running in the Republican Primary to take on Democrat "Multiple Conflicts" Sharon Cawood next August.

Matthew Jones is a native Knoxvillian. He was born on August 29th, 1978 which makes him 29 years old this month. He has been married for 5 years to his wonderful wife Bridget who is an 11 year employee of St. Mary's Hospital, and they have two happy and healthy children, Brittany 11 and Turner 2. Their son Turner was born Feb 16th, 2005 with several major heart defects, but by the grace of God he survived three surgeries in Washington D.C. and two years later he is perfectly okay and is a constant reminder that God is in their home.

Matthew graduated from Fulton High School in 1996 and his involvement in basketball and student government at Fulton lead him to Maryville College. He graduated from Maryville College with a B.A. in Human Services in May of 2000. He took his first job out of MC with Helen Ross McNabb and started working the day after graduation. He supervised aftercare probation for juveniles transitioning back into the community after release from the state's custody. After two years at Helen Ross McNabb, Knox County Juvenile Court Judge Carey Garrett offered him a chance to work for the Juvenile Court which he grateful and enthusiastically accepted.

He was at the court for one year when he ventured outside of his field of study and left the court to manage restaurants for both Ruby Tuesdays and Panera Bread. He returned to his calling when once again Judge Garrett welcomed him back to the court in November of 2005. Matt is a juvenile probation officer at the Knox County Juvenile Court and he loves his work.

Matt has lived in Powell for 6 years and has grown to love the small town and family community feel of both the Powell and Karns communities. Their church home is First Baptist of Powell. Their daughter attends Powell Middle School and they are members of the PTA. Matt is very encouraged to see how many involved parents are active in the lives of their children in the community.

He is currently running a campaign to become the next Knox County Commissioner of the 6th district. He is running for several reasons but most of all he is running because he has children in the district and he wants to be the one helping to make decisions that effect the most important people in his life. He is also running because he is tired of the corruption that has become commonplace in Knox County Government. Our local government has forgotten that their elected positions are positions of service to others and not simply social status symbols. In Knox County we need hard working, family men and women who have the well being of the citizens of Knox County at their heart and Matthew Jones is that man.

Check out Take Back Knox on a regular basis as it will soon be the go to place for Taking Back Knox.


Anonymous said...

Matt Jones is clearly a much better Representative for our community in the Sixth district then the Cawood's.

They have taken this district and the taxpayers for everything to benefit themselves.

They are no better than the criminals that Mark sees in the courtroom working as a Bailiff.

Chris C. said...

Mark Cawood as a law enforcement officer? That is so wrong on many levels and hypocritical for him.

Chris C.