Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hubert Smith Can Be Called Back To Work

O.k. on Friday July 20, 2007 Cathy Quist laid Hubert Smith (a 6 year Juvenile Court Clerk employee) off due to a lack of funding for his $25,000.00 a year salary.

This evening, Commissioner Sharon Cawood resigned from her $42,000.00 a year salaried position within the Clerk's office.

Now, Cathy Quist can call Hubert Smith back to work and the taxpayers could still see a $17,000.00 savings.


walker said...

I see my good friend Brian
Submitted by R. Neal on Wed, 2007/08/01 - 9:56pm.
I see my good friend Brian Hornback is claiming another pelt over at his blog, and wishing her well in the private sector. (Isn't she still on County Commission?)

Anyway, that Brian, he's a real piece of work. And his Brians Blog staff, too.

Have a great evening!"

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MONTHS ago they banned me for dang EVER so I can't post back but it sounds like they READ your blog?

That said I would love to be on the BRIAN BLOG staff but I have dawgs, blogs, property, family and a band to keep up with...yep just no time.

STILL if is upset in any dang way with this blog then it must be doing something good! Hang in there and if I ever get any free time I would consider it an honor to be on your staff!

walker of the Johnsons

Brian Hornback said...

Walker of the Johnsons,

You are welcome at the Brian's Blog family any time.

Another enemy of the KnoxViews family is a proud member of our gang.