Thursday, August 16, 2007

Local Blog Forum Admits To Paying For Editorial

Over at the local blog forum this afternoon, the ringleader admits to paying Sandra Clark for an editorial column that mentioned his local blog forum.

Would this need to be sent to the E.W. Scripps Ethics Committee?

Here is the post.

KnoxViews in the media
Submitted by R. Neal on Thu, 2007/08/16 - 8:54am.
My Monday morning schedule was all messed up from staying out 'till 4AM trying to photograph meteors, so I was just now getting caught up on this week's reading when I saw
this. Thanks, Sandra! The check's in the mail.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?

If not, you're seriously humor impaired.

Brian Hornback said...

Hey, Anonymous. Thanks for coming back.

I am just reporting the statement made by the local blog forum organizer. His words, not mine.

Also, I have not taken a position on this issue. If you will read the post again. It is a question?

Jake Mabe said...

What kind of reefer were you smoking on this one, Hornback? Please send me a sample...

Brian Hornback said...


As you know I don't smoke foreign objects. As I know that do not as well.

If I had smoked a foreign object, I would have probably gotten it at the tabloid's office. Haven't been there in a while.

I figure that I have been banned from there as well.

Anonymous said...

Brother you have that next really

I talked about it a bit on my blog and got some nice comments. As for the PUFF COLUMN the blog got I just had to shake my head.

One reason I was taken off the payroll was Lorie and Gene called to say I was posting about them on the WATE blog.

I was T O L D by the paper my blogging was representing the paper and I was to stop.

Get that time I had
NO IDEA knoxviews even existed!
Weeks later I found out that not only it did exist but that SANDRA AND DA BEANER were main posters!

First I had always felt Sandra was a REPUBLICAN...Lord help I missed that one by a mile!

Second I had only seen da Bean one time while doing the morning show on 1180 with Lloyd. I had no thoughts on the woman excpet she was a bit on the "UNkept" side and
could have used a hair something or other..cut??

But that was it!

THEN I find out the two of them..after telling me to not blog cause it was a representation of the paper..were wearing OUT the
Far left blog?

I miss the big bucks (worth 18 holes twice a month with cart) but I really don't miss being associated with those folks.

Jake on the other hand is a winner and I hope he moves over to the big paper soon. Good writer, does not make up facts..and is a nice person.

LaRue Johnson's son

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bean and Clark both could use shampoo, soap and either LA Weight loss or Curves for women.

Danny said...

Thanks for exposing Sandra and Betty as the frauds that they are. I always suspected they had biases, but you exposed it.

I agree with Mrs. Johnson's son. The last time I saw Bean, she was unkept.

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw Bean, she was unkept.

Unintentially hilarious. I think you mean unkempt. However, I'm sure Bean is also unkept.

BTW, it's really tacky - and the sign of someone without anything substantial to say - to make fun of others' appearances.

Brian Hornback said...


Thanks for clarification on Danny's comment.

As a reminder to all commenters. Let's be respectful and not tacky. I do not want brian's blog to become like the liberal blog, Knox Views.

BTW, feel free to use your name in the future, Anonymous. That takes real courage. Posting Anonymously, when all the world can tell who you are.

walker said...

Nice post from Mrs. Johnson's son but it wasn't from me.

Walker Johnson

Brian Hornback said...


Thanks for the clarification. It appears that there are those who want to be me and you.