Monday, August 13, 2007

Prince Phillip of Nashville (aka Governor Bredesen) Appoints the Candidate That Knox County Rejected

Prince Phillip of Nashville (aka Governor Bredesen) has appointed Ken Irvine as the fill in as the Knox County Criminal Court Judge, replacing Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins. Attorney Irvine from what I understand is a good guy, but he is a Democrat.

Knox County citizens just one year ago rejected him as Knox County Criminal Court Judge. The same post that he has been appointed to.

This is an attempt by Prince Phillip of Nashville to make it easier for Irvine to win the seat in 2014. First, by being sworn in as Criminal Court Judge he will retain the title as Judge even after Judge Jenkins returns to the bench. Second, Bredesen's actions demonstrates his desire to ignore the public opinion by promoting someone that the citizens have rejected at the ballot box. Lastly, Bredesen's actions demonstrate that the only way the Democrat party can gain seats in Knox County is for him to use his dictatorial authority to do so.

And you thought the rumors, gossip and lies that power, control and dominance was a Republican thing were accurate. No it is the MO of Prince Phillip of Nashville and the Democrat Party.


Ray Jenkins said...

Brian: On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone who has wished my father well.

Ray H. Jenkins

TR said...

Last time I checked, there was no box for "REJECT" next to any candidate's name.

Except for Supreme Court Justices, that is.