Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hutchison News Sentinel Coverage Already Turns Muddy

Here is the first news story on Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison appointing a Treasurer for a possible run for Knox County Mayor. Jack McElroy and crew has already started their anti-Hutchison coverage. Check out this line in the story. "He has yet to file a qualifying petition with the Knox County Election Commission." Of course he hasn't filed a qualifying petition. Why? Because Greg Mckay hasn't given any qualifying petitions out to anybody. Or if he has it is illegal. No qualifying petitions can be picked up until November 20, 2009. Now, Jack McElroy and crew say that in the next sentence. But they make it appear that "He" Hutchison is the only one not to file "his" qualifying petition. Did they say the same thing about Burchett, Hammond, Armstrong or any other announced candidate for 2010? NO. So, now we know what to expect from Jack McElroy.


asummers said...

Hutchison is NOT the one to be our county mayor. Help us all if he wins. So far we only have the two Tims with an official announcement. I can't wait to see who else throws their hat in the ring. I believe there are rumors of Steve Hunley wanting to run, another bad choice. I am anxious to see if Lewis Cosby is serious about running, now that would be a good thing!

Anonymous said...

BH-now i do think the big metal shed will get ugly, but i think you're fishing a bit on this one.
that statement wasnt negatively slanted? a rather boring statement really-not good or bad?
But its great to know someone will defend the former sheriff. Glad someone is.