Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ed Shouse First Out Of The Gate

According to today's Georgiana Vines column in the News Sentinel, Fourth District County Commissioner Ed Shouse is the first candidate to appoint a Treasurer for a countywide run for the 11th County Commission seat. She also confirms the rumor has been circulating and that is that Eighth District Commissioner Bud Armstrong is running for the 11th at large countywide seat as well.

I have been impressed with Armstrong but I believe he is making a mistake in not seeking his 8th district Commission seat. He has been a very good Commissioner for the 8th and is not known in the west, deep west and the northwest districts where he must do well in order to win countywide.

Ed Shouse is known in west, deep west and northwest. He is a proven advocate for his constituents. He has a good record as an at large City Councilman within the City of Knoxville. So, at this point with Armstrong and Shouse. Shouse is the best and only choice.

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Anonymous said...

When Hammond is declared ineligible for a commission seat, expect Bud or Ed to slide over to the 10th.

Republicans on the election commission should be asking for a determination on that issue from the state prior to the November filing date.