Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He's Not Daddy's Boy, He's Tennessee's Son

Last evening a long impressive host list from around the area held a reception at Gettysvue Country Club for the Gubernatorial campaign of Congressman Zach Wamp. Brian Debusk introduced the Congressman. Wamp, his lovely wife Kim, their awesome children Coty and Weston were as always spectacular hosts. Also present for the reception was Country Music Superstar John Rich.

Rich in honor of the Congressman first sang the Johnny Cash song "Walk The Line". He then sang The Good Lord and The Man, Shutting Detroit Down, Son of a Preacher Man, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy and his final song was of course Rocky Top.

Rich talked about why he is committed to the Congressman over the Mayor. He got a loud response from the large crowd when he talked about how he has traveled all over the country in these buses and they have 18 wheelers traveling behind them. He said they have stopped at a few Pilot's and they have the worst hamburgers. He also said the diesel fuel is always 8 - 9 cents higher per gallon. The crowd loved it.

Rich said he was gonna have to write a song for Wamp. A gentleman in the crowd suggested He's not a daddy's boy, He's Tennessee's Son. Writing and recording campaign songs are not anything new to Rich as he wrote, recorded and offered free downloads of Raising McCain.

Rich said a few of his friends asked him, do you really want to support Wamp? He asked do you really need to ask?

Fellow Knoxvillian Bill Baxter who serves as Finance Chairman of the Wamp campaign spoke at the conclusion of Rich's set. Baxter said, that he along with those of us in Knoxville know both candidates. We know the Congressman and we know the Mayor. We recognize that there is no question who is prepared to lead Tennessee. The decision is not even close.

It was a great event that served as a great benchmark on this the tenth month of a nineteen month campaign.

I hope you recognize where Brian's Blog is on this campaign. We will continue covering this campaign all the way to live blogging the inauguration of our next Governor Zach Wamp.

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