Monday, August 10, 2009

The End of a Knoxville Era

Today's Shopper News has my buddy, my pal Jake Mabe's column. The "Mabester" as he is affectionately referred to by close friends and at least enemy has a column about his favorite singer, Blount Counties own Robinella. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog is known to have at least two of Robinella's CD's on his ipod. Primarily because his buddy and his pal wouldn't stop talking about her. Hornback listens to Robinella regularly. However, Hornback has NEVER seen Robinella in person. All that will change over the next three weeks. Read the Mabester's column below or click on this link to go directly to the Managing Editor's page of the Shopper News. As the Mabester says "it's just the beginning".

She’s just begun to fly

Let’s get one thing straight right out of the box – this isn’t an ending, only a beginning.

Robinella, Blount County’s sweetheart, my friend, my favorite singer, is ending her longtime weekly Sunday night show at Barley’s. The Old City eatery has decided to go in a different direction.

I think it’s the worst decision since Ford introduced the Edsel. Trust me, they won’t again get my business.

But, for a singer of Robin’s talent, this is an opportunity to move on to better things.

Will never forget the first time I heard that voice. Went by chance one cold winter’s night. I perked up during the opening song, a Crystal Gayle classic.

By the time she sang “Teardrops,” the one that became my favorite, I was hooked. Sunday nights at Barley’s became a weekly routine.

Hearing her sweet sad songs paints life in shades of vivid Technicolor. And, for a couple of blissful hours, this crazy roller coaster ride we call life makes perfect sense.

Well, you know what they say about all good things …

So many good memories, though. Concert trips to Michigan and Chattanooga, “Teardrops” and sad songs, “Amanda,” Taylor and Mike, clapping too loud, Cash in his cowboy hat. Will never forget it.

Robin would appreciate this:

Since I’ve heard the news, I’ve tried to take it like a stoic cowboy, holding it all inward, lord knows I’ve tried.

But, like that old Don Williams song says, it is an awful awakening in a country boy’s life. It’s a reminder that the Earth keeps turning even when we want it to stop awhile.

Her music will continue, though. She is working on a new record. If the reaction of the audience at last month’s Tennessee Shines is any indication, the crowd will always love her. She is a local favorite with good reason.

But mark this down. This boneheaded Barley’s decision is a good thing. Robin is talented enough to sing at the Ryman or Radio City Music Hall or the Riverbend Music Center. No, it isn’t the end, my friend.

This Robin has just begun to fly.

Let’s pack the house

Robinella continues her Sunday night engagement at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria (Jackson Ave. in the Old City) through Aug. 30. Come on out and pack the house. The show starts at 8 p.m.; cover charge is $5.

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