Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stark Comparison

One price gouging gas retailer candidate for Governor's delivery truck or the RV message machine of the candidate for Governor that is one of us.

Wamp wasn't raised behind locked security gates, both were educated in private schools, The difference is that the price gouging gas retailer candidate was able to stop at the family business and get his choice of after school snack. LOL. Wamp has struggled with real jobs to bring home enough money to pay the bills and provide a living for his family. Wamp is one of us and as Governor he will lead as one of us.

*Yes, we edited the original post due to Logan Brummitt's comment that identifies that Wamp was educated at a private school. We did produce a clever distinction, however. Remember, people we need to have a little fun 12 months out. Don't you "good to go" fanatics get so serious. I wasn't referring to Brummitt. It's those other price gouging gas retailer zealots.


Steve Mule said...

BE CAREFUL!! You almost, almost, sound as if you're engaging in 'class warfare':
Rich vs Poor
Elite vs regular folk
and so on.
I think, and it's just me, that you need to concentrate more on the contradistinctions between their repsective postion/approaches to the issues facing Tennessee.


Logan Brummitt said...


Take a look at where he went to school from the age of 11 till he graduated.

Now, look at this

Compared to this

Ok, I know Zach Wamp is your choice, but you're going to have to amend your statement of "wasn't educated in the sterile environment of private schools" because McCallie is the epitome of a private school considering their tuition is $19,560 for the day school and a whopping $36,850 ( Now, compare that to Vanderbilt whose Tuiton is $37,632 a year(

Granted you have expenses involved which make Vandy more expensive as you have additional expenses at McCallie, but that is a prestigious University that is almost the price of a "High School".

Brian Hornback said...

I edited it. But why did you compare McCallie to Vanderbilt? Billy boy, didn't go to UT or Vandy for post secondary. For high school he went to Webb. Right? So, why not compare McCallie to Webb?

Logan Brummitt said...

I compared Vandy to McCallie strictly based on how much it cost to go to one another. It amazed me looking at it that when you take into consideration the total cost, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between a high school, albeit a boarding school, to a highly respected college.