Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brian's Blog Reported This on Tuesday...Before Everyone Else

We reported this on Tuesday. An hour after we went on line with our post, the local liberal blog tried to drum up support, here. A commenter even posting that our crystal ball was wrong. Hayes Hickman reported this morning that support was slipping, here. This evening at 5:13 p.m. Hayes Hickman reports what we said would happen on Tuesday, here.

So, the team work of Greg Mackay and Scott Frith didn't pan out on this one. And the taxpayers are shelling out over $195,000.00 for this duo, a duo that can't even pass their "dream".

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Anonymous said...

They didn't have a choice. Knox GOP was furious Frith was hired to do nothing. That little insurance policy for Mackay was too much. They had to compromise and this was all they had to offer. This is a bitter pill for Mackay and team. Had he not hired Frith, this would have gone the other way. Wonder how long Frith will last now?