Monday, August 24, 2009

We NEED A Republican County Commission Chairman

At Brian's Blog we like Tank Strickland. He is a good guy, we prayed for him during his time of illness and we are grateful that he is well today. But, Tank is a Democrat.

Knox County is overwhelmingly Republican. The voters speak every election cycle and a vast majority of citizens cast their ballots believing that Knox county is governed best when governed by Republicans.

Now the following Republican Commissioners having served two consecutive terms as Commissioner and have a responsibility to cast a vote for a Republican as Chairman.

Commissioner Ivan Harmon
Commissioner Craig Leuthold
Commissioner Mike Hammond
Commissioner Paul Pinkston

The following Republican Commissioners are expected to run for Commission next year and have a responsibility to cast a vote for a Republican as Chairman.

Commissioner Tony Norman
Commissioner Ed Shouse
Commissioner Richard Briggs
Commissioner Brad Anders
Commissioner Greg Lambert
Commissioner Larry Smith
Commissioner Michelle Carringer
Commissioner Dave Wright
Commissioner Bud Armstrong
Commissioner Mike Brown

That is 14 votes for a Republican Commission Chairman. Our view is that the consensus candidate for Commission Chairman is Commissioner Craig Leuthold.

If these 14 individuals are going to rely on the Republican Party during the election period then they should support the party in selecting the Commission Chairman. If they do not support a Republican for Commission Chairman then they should resign immediately from Commission and then run for election to Commission as a Democrat or as an Independent.

Should any Republican Commissioner NOT support a Republican then they SHOULD NOT be surprised at the next election cycle that the party runs someone else against them and at the NEXT Countywide Republican gathering that a resolution is passed to give any non compliant Republican Commissioner the BOOT.

The 5 Democrats that are left to vote for a Democrat Commission Chairman are. Commissioner Thomas "Tank" Strickland, Commissioner Sam McKenzie, Commissioner Mark Harmon, Commissioner Amy Broyles and Commissioner Finbarr Saunders.

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Anonymous said...

this hAs nOthing tO dO with This pOst. buT KnoX cOunTy chieF dePuty for ms. QuisT. phone message does noT say his Title no lOnger, demoted?? word has it that There was an agrument in her office over an employee and she sided wiTh the employee- Also, most of his office is packed up- call his ext...3613