Sunday, August 23, 2009

Come On, Jack. The SEC Learned It From YOU!

Here is the column of Jack McElroy that appeared in the product from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. McElroy is whining about the SEC (South Eastern Conference) edging out "independent media". McElroy also whines about his own failure to pay a decent living salary to an employee, while UT hired the reporter away.

Now what just a minute, little man. What UT and the SEC has done they learned from you. You spent the money that you were supposed to be paying to the city and county as Payment In Lieu Of Taxes on purchasing the two "independent" weekly products (Shopper News and Metro Pulse) that were kicking your butt. Now they have been marginalized by your influence.

So, you eliminated a percentage of independent media. In addition, you continually hire "independent" writers and bloggers so that you are not responsible for benefits and can have a wall of separation.

So, Come on Jack, the SEC Learned It From YOU!

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