Saturday, August 22, 2009

There Was a Traitor Amongst Us Last Night..

Last night at Bill Clabo Field the Farragut Admirals beat the Indians of Kingsport Dobyns Bennett, 26-8. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was present and at halftime received a text from a source near the pass gate that indicated that a Knox County School Board member and their companion came through the pass gate using their Knox County pass. The source said the board member was wearing colors of Dobyns Bennett.

The Knox County School Board member was then observed to walk to the Dobyns Bennett sideline and observe the remainder of the halftime from the western 40 yard line on the Dobyns Bennett side. As the game resumed in the second half, the board member moved to the eastern 20 yard line and observed the remainder of the game.

Which Knox County School Board member was the traitor amongst us last night? Karen Carson.

Our source near the pass gate indicates that Farragut High School Principal Mike Reynolds was alerted and he seemed perturbed as he looked across the field at the 40 yard line.


Anonymous said...

Dude, she's never been for Knox County, so why would she start now.

Steve Mule said...

Have you contacted her about this? Maybe, maybe, she had relatives (or something like that) on the other team.
There could be a perfectly good explanation for this, or maybe, maybe, she's just a schmo.