Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smith's Defense Based on "Troubled" Law Director Bill Lockett's Opinon.

Commissioner Smith's defense on his perjury charges before the Knox County Ethics Committee is based solely on the opinion of Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett. The same Bill Lockett that Smith voted NOT to have sit at and opine on business before County Commission. Evidently, Smith is o.k. with Lockett when Lockett is covering for him. They appear to be two peas in a pod. However, this afternoon Lockett is telling a different tale to individuals than what Smith represented to the committee today. Lockett is set to face the Board of Professional Responsibility in May 2010 due to a contractual breach with his former law firm. Lockett is accused and has in court papers admitted to withholding legal fees from his former law firm and an inappropriate loan from a firm client. There was a move to NOT hear his case. The motion NOT to hear failed 2-5.

Here is Smith waiting for the Ethics Committee to begin it's hearing.

Here is Smith's Attorney Ralph Harwell and Harwell's Assistant, Jonathon Harwell waiting for the Ethics Committee to begin.

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