Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knoxville City Council - Second District

This is the district that four years ago, 48.5% of the citizens desired to have Ken Knight as their Council Representative. However, the incumbent received the rest of the votes. The incumbent is term limited and ineligible to run for a third term.

So, Ken Knight should be the front runner. Knight is the General Manager of Knoxville’s Crown Plaza located in Downtown Knoxville on Summit Hill Drive. Since that election loss, Knight has busied himself with being a second city councilman, although an unpaid one. Knight has attended more than 600 community meetings during the past four years. Knight is ready willing and able to serve on day one. Knight's website is located, here. Knight is on Facebook, here. Knight is also on twitter located, here. Knight's photograph is to the right.

Knight has two challengers. One is Knoxville Architect Duane Grieve. He entered the race just prior to the filing deadline. He was recruited and encouraged to run by the term limited incumbent. No photograph of Grieve's was located. Tierny Bates, another challenger to Knight. Bates is a newcomer to Knoxville having moved here about four years ago. Bates works as a fundraiser for the University of Tennessee. Bates is pictured below.

Conventional wisdom has a Knight -vs.- Grieve contest in November for the City of Knoxville General Election. A Knight -vs.- Bates race would be interesting. However, Brian’s Blog believes that Ken Knight will serve the citizens of District Two well.

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