Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knoxville City Council - Sixth District

This is the seat formerly held by Mark Brown. Brown was recently appointed as a Judicial Commissioner for Knox County. It was necessary for him to step down. Council chose Bob Booker as a seat holder. Booker is NOT running.

There are three candidates so one will drop off before the General election. The candidates are David Dupree, Daniel Brown and Charles Frazier. David Dupree is an Attorney. He has relocated to Knoxville by way of Washington, D.C. He appears to be knowledge and would be a good council member. Daniel Brown is a native Knoxvillian. Brown is retired by the United States Postal Service. He has the time and energy to serve the citizens as a Council member. Frazier a former candidate for public office several times in the past is again making a run for public office. Frazier owns a check advance business. Frazier recently on a forum on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee said that he believes that the answer to the economy of the sixth district is to have Wal Mart or Kroger to locate in the five points area to replace the Walter P. Taylor Homes. Walter P. Taylor Homes are slated to be torn down. His rational is to locate a company that can lose money for two or three years. This demonstrated to us that Frazier is out of touch with business plans and business. Wal Mart or Kroger are NOT in business to lose money. This is the primary reason that Brown and Dupree should be the two candidates that advance to the General election.

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