Thursday, August 27, 2009

KCC PTA Education Forum

This morning the Knox County Council PTA held an Education Forum. The topic was Diversity. Dr. McIntyre first addressed those in attendance. His primary focus and the focus of the Strategic Plan is on racial diversity. That the schools administration and workforce will mirror the student racial make-up. So, the same percentage of minorities in Assistant Principal, Principal positions and the same percentage of teachers and staff to mirror the racial make-up of students.

While I would not disagree with that position. Here is the second question that was asked from the audience and by way of disclosure, I asked the question. What about gender diversity among administrators and the workforce, especially in the middle and high schools where young male students need positive male role models? Mellissa Massey of Central Office answered that the school system is currently identifying male faculty members that can be placed in the "principal pipeline". She also indicated that they are working with the Universities to identify the right graduates coming out of the School of Education.

About 20 minutes later, Rebecca Ervin, Principal of Vine Middle said that she wanted to address my question and talked about trying to locate business partners and several organizations that would come in and mentor the students. I did not challenge, Principal Ervin at the time. But she totally missed the point. My question had to do with GENDER DIVERSITY among Faculty of Knox County Schools. Principals, Assistant Principals and Teachers.

Out of 13 middle schools, 10 schools have a female Principal and 3 have a male Principal. Of the total Administrators that includes the 13 Principals, 26 are females and 16 are males.

Of the 13 high schools, 11 are led by a male Principal and 2 are led by a female Principal. Of total Administrators which includes the 13 Principals, 23 are females and 31 are males.

Of the 8 Other Educational Facilities 4 are led by a female Principal and 4 are led by a male Principal. There are 5 male Administrators in the 8 facilities and 4 females.

We will recap the Elementary Schools at a later date.

The Education Forum event was a typical Knox County Council PTA event. The attendees appeared concerned, interested and engaged. When actually it is a social network of stay at home moms that like to be engaged in everybody else's business.

I desire a full open Education Forum, where any and all issues are discussed. I have an interest in the school systems gutting of Career and Technical Education this past year. Also, the 9 elected School Board Members inability to engage in Special Education issues. Also, I would like to see a discussion about the issues raised on this website. The Future of Knox County Schools deserve a real forum.

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