Friday, September 03, 2010

Betty Bean Was At It Again on Wednesday

In the classic fashion of Betty Bean, she snapped again. When will her employer learn that when she does this it is unprofessional and reflects on the Big Metal Shed on the Hill? Read her attack on blogger Political Leverage here. It is the next to last New Topic in the post. Better yet, here is the important portion.

Mr. Hornback appears to be right about one thing....'Tabloid Bully'. As you know if you read my facebook page I wrote a joke that if I were offered a job as a Playboy photographer that I would turn it down cause of my love for local news photography here in Knox. Well this was in regard to a local columnist stating that if they were offered a position in the Burchett administration they would turn it down.

Well my post appears to have offended that person for that I am truly sorry. A simple email and I would have deleted it. I was in no way wrong, but I do respect other peoples feelings. However, to get in my face and be nasty and threaten me.

Well, in my mind and my opinion your actions confirmed everything Mr. Hornback has written in his blog about you...

So, how does someone respond to a 'Tabloid Bully?'

It is simple. I just continue to write better stronger articles than you...

Hang in there, Political Leverage. Her time has come and gone. Your time is just beginning.

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