Monday, September 06, 2010

More Davids Than Goliaths - Harold Ford, Jr.

I spent the Labor Day weekend between Sunday bible study and worship service and a few hours taking in Boomsday with the family and two other families. I read the recently released book More Davids Than Goliaths written by former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. An excellently written book detailing his life in the Ford family, being shaped as the son of former Congressman Harold Ford, his own experience as a Congressman and then his 2006 campaign for the United States Senate from Tennessee.

During the 2006 campaign, I was the Knox County Republican Party Chairman. Congressman Ford would be on radio talk shows often. As Chairman I would call in and confront him for his positions. When we would see each other face to face, Ford would also greet me as Mr. Chairman and was cordial. I was hard on the Congressman.

The one incident that I don't regret is when former City Councilman Ed Bailey and I were at the Duncan family BBQ and Knox Courthouse political gadfly Mose Lobetti had convinced Ford to attend the partisan event. Bailey asked me about confronting Ford, I said I will do it. Bailey started, I joined in, Ford defended himself but left shortly thereafter. A New York Times reporter was following Ford and asked Bailey about interviewing him, he in classic Ed Bailey fashion declined. I did speak with the reporter. As best as I can recall that was Ed Bailey last political event before he went home due gain his eternal reward. God Bless the life of Ed Bailey and all of our memories with him. The picture below captured our exchange on the floor of the Civic Coliseum of the Duncan BBQ, Ed Bailey in the ball cap, me with the jacket and the sunglass holder.
The book is a great read. In hindsight, Corker had Tom Ingram as his campaign manager from the Republican primary to the General election, the infamous "Call Me" ad was produced and aired against Ford. Ingram is the campaign manager for the Republican nominee for Governor in 2010, similar distorted campaign tactics in television commercials and mail outs were instigated against the Republican opponent in the recent primary. At some point those tactics must be rejected.

I regret the RNC running the "Call Me" ad, I regret the personal Ford family attacks on Jr. that those in leadership used on him.

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