Monday, November 12, 2007

Former Republican Governor Don Sundquist

This evening at 7 p.m. at the Copper Cellar on Kingston Pike. The West Knox Republican Club will meet and former Republican Governor of Tennessee Don Sundquist will be the speaker. I hope to attend, however I have some business commitments that may get in the way this evening.


iggy said...

Surely one of the members of the massive Brians Blog team will be there to cover the re-emergence of the most unpopular governor in the state of Tennessee. Hey Brian ain't he one of them republicans you're so proud of?

Brian Hornback said...

Actually iggy, I covered it and got attacked by a E.W. Scripps employee. You can read about it on another post.

Also, iggy as usual you are wrong. The most unpopular Governor would be your hero Democrat Ray Blanton, he sold pardons, remember him?

I disagree with the income tax, however, I still support Sundquist and teh income tax is just another family discussion that we had within our Republican family.

All is well.