Thursday, November 08, 2007

Knox County's Fourth District Is Not The Only One Un-Represented

Yesterday, the remaining 11 County Commissioners met to set the agenda for November. One of the individuals that spoke at that meeting was our Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols. He asked the Commission to appoint a Sheriff ASAP.

You have heard in the news that the Fourth district is unrepresented due to both appointed Commissioners being removed from office due to the Sunshine lawsuit verdict. Yesterday, it wasn't just the fourth district that was unrepresented. The Second district was unrepresented.

Second district Commissioner Chuck Bolus who was removed from office due to the Sunshine lawsuit verdict was not eligible to serve in the meeting. And Mark Harmon one of the only two Democrats on the remaining 11 member commission is still serving and he no showed for yesterday's meeting.

His actions or actually his inaction in not attending the meeting left the Second district without representation. Not only did his AWOL status leave the second district from having any representation it left only Thomas "Tank" Strickland as the only Democrat on the panel.

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