Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Interesting Proposed Strategy With Regards To The Halls Shopper.

Yesterday I posted about the left leaning City Councilman and his client or former Client, The Shopper. A reader left a comment. It was published, because it doesn't violate the rules of engagement. Here is what the reader posted. "Ask everyone in Farragut to call the News Sentinel and ask that they NOT receive the Shopper insert. We don't need that trash delivered to our homes. To the Shopper: Stay where you belong." Now, I wonder what would happen if you did contact the News-Sentinel and demand that they NOT put the Shopper in and on your personal property and they still did. What ramifications could be taken? Anybody want to call Herb. The phone call is free, the advice may be free, so what have we got to lose?


JAB said...

I miss Ward Wheelchair!

SteveMule said...

Exercise PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and throw it away when you recieve it. That's what I do with all the ad inserts, sports pages and other junk I don't want and/or read when I get the paper. What you're suggesting would involve TRIAL LAWYERS and the like.


Brian Hornback said...

Great point Steve. No point in making attorneys richer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Steve. I disagree. I think calling is the answer in order to send a message that we don't want that trash in West Knox. I have no interest in involving attorneys...but do have a keen interest in sending the message "do not bring that to my house." I've already called and whoever I spoke w/was very polite and said fine, they would remove it.