Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rob Frost and The Shopper News Level Attack on Farragut

Today's News-Sentinel talks about City Council member Robert "Rob" Frost requesting that the Town of Farragut pay more for schools. The first story came on Monday in E.W. Scripps owned tabloid. The connection with the tabloid and Frost is that at one time, Frost was the attorney of record for the Shopper News. He may still be.

So, Frost in connection with his client (or former client) have conspired to put a hit on the Town of Farragut. The other interesting tidbit, is that they (Frost, Sandra Clark and E.W. Scripps) saved this for the day that the Shopper News began circulation in the Town of Farragut.

This from the same E.W. Scripps Editor that has printed in the past that the Town of Farragut should build its own schools.

Here's an idea for City Councilman Frosty to pursue.

1) Propose that the City of Knoxville pay more for the expensive golden parachutes of those former City teachers and principals that Knox County citizens have had to fund since the City of Knoxville left the school business.

2) Propose that the City of Knoxville pay more for the asbestos filled, non ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant buildings that the City of Knoxville left to Knox County citizens to care for.

The intent of one Sandra Clark and E.W. Scripps is to spread disharmony and disagreement in all areas of government. Except for their friends. (ie. Rob Frost and Mary Lou Horner)


Anonymous said...

Ask everyone in Farragut to call the News Sentinel and ask that they NOT receive the Shopper insert. We don't need that trash delivered to our homes. To the Shopper: Stay where you belong.

Brian Hornback said...

That is interesting, I will post about this strategy.