Friday, November 16, 2007

Farragut Rolls Over Kingsport D-B, The Battle of West Knox Is Up Again

It was cool tonight. But the Admirals won round 2 against Kingsport D-B 28 -6. Next up is round 3 at Bearden with the Battle of West Knoxville. How appropriate, the evening after Thanksgiving. To demonstrate how thankful we are to live in the best part of East Tennessee.

Off the field it will be Brian's Blog -vs- The Reality Me / Domestic Psychology. It will be a barn burner. Every potential political candidate countywide needs to be at Bearden. I will be in Big Blue on the Admiral side.


Cathy said...

And we'll be huddled together wearing crimson, which proves that real life matters more than political affiliation. It should be a feisty game. I just hope the weather warms a teensy bit.

Brian Hornback said...

real life matters far more than political affiliation or even football games. However, I still hope the Admirals win. I am enjoying this weather, I am still going sockless. I don't normally surrender to the socks until January 15 and then only wear them till about March 1.

Doug McCaughan said...

Looking forward to seeing you! Should be a great game.