Sunday, December 16, 2007

McElroy Talks The Talk, But Comes Up Short On The Walk

Jack "Mister it's all about open and transparent" McElroy came up short today. Well it was probably on Thursday night but it aired today on WBIR. The program was Inside Tennessee. McElroy is a regular panelist on the Inside Tennessee morning talking head show.

This morning they John Becker, host; Don "criminals are my friends" Bosch; Susan Richardson Williams; Dennis Francis; Frank Cagle and McElroy appeared and in the words of Becker, "handicapped the upcoming races".

Now how can McElroy sit on a panel and talk about candidates saying that this one has been working hard and not even mention another candidate. He will then sit with a couple of his employees and force these candidates to sit through candidate interviews and then they will vote for the News~Sentinel endorsements.

First, of all after today no candidate need to show up because McElroy has already "handicapped" the races without giving every candidate a legitimate shot. Secondly, the employees that work for McElroy are not free to go against their boss. After all he determines who gets a paycheck and who gets a pink slip.

So for all McElroy's talk about open and transparent process. He comes up short.

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