Friday, December 14, 2007

School Board - Eighth, Third and Second Districts

There are three School Board races on the February 5, 2008 ballot where there are no challengers. Two are known red candidates William Bill Phillips in the Eighth district and Cindy Buttry of the Third district. The blue candidate is Indya Kincannon of the Second district. These positions are non partisan, however most candidates proudly embrace the parties of their choice.

First up is William Bill Phillips of the Eighth district. Phillips will be replacing Jim Williams. Williams on August 31, 2008 will complete 8 years on the board. Phillips is a successful businessman with his own East Knox County company Heartland Transportation, Inc. Phillips is married with three sons in Knox County Schools. His company has always been available to assist with initiatives that involve Knox County. Whether it is assisting former Sheriff Tim Hutchison with the efforts in New York during the 9/11 tragedy or assisting Sheriff Hutchison with rescue and disaster relief efforts in Louisiana immediately following Hurricane Katrina. Whether it is his efforts to assist Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Knox County with housing and caring for the refugees from Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. Bill Phillips has been a friend of Knox County Schools donating the batons for the School System Security Officers. Bill Phillips has a great sense of humor and is a fun guy to be around. I certainly expect the ratings of the television broadcast for the School Board meetings to spike beginning September 1, 2008. Brian's Blog is wishing Bill well, he is the type of go to guy that can actually get something done. If Bill can't do it, no body can.

Cindy Buttry the star of the Knox County School Board. Cindy has been involved in Knox County Republican party politics for a while. She currently serves as Vice - Treasurer of the organization and served in that capacity while I served as Chairman. She was an invaluable asset and assistance to me. Cindy cast votes that reflect the sentiment of her district that is why she is unopposed. Whether it is the right side of a rezoning, a decision on a Superintendent Search firm or casting a vote against building a school facility for 1000 students when their are 1200 students currently enrolled at Cedar Bluff, Cindy always does what is right. Here's to Cindy, Steve and Zach. Great family and down right good people.

Kincannon is a liberal and a blue candidate. It was exposed this fall with her open support of Demorat and blue candidate for City Council Ray Abbas. Kincannon is supported by a district that is profoundly liberal. Kincannon may not be facing a candidate on the ballot. However, she did have two candidates that were interested in giving the district a choice. Former Knox County School Supervisor Robert "Bobby" Gratz and a mother of two Shawn Wise contemplated placing their names on the ballot. Congratulations to Kincannon for being rewarded without a challenger on the ballot.

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