Thursday, December 13, 2007

The First Set of Candidates are In For February 5, 2008

The withdrawal deadline for Knox County offices is one week from today, December 20, 2008 at 12:00 noon. Candidates names in RED indicate that they are running or have a history of supporting Republicans. Candidates names in BLUE is a representative or a history of supporting the other party. Candidates names in BLACK are either neutral or they are without a candidate.

County Clerk

Foster Arnett, Jr.
Bryan Bates
Mike McMillan
County Commission Chairman Scott Moore

George Stooksbury
Amy Henley Vandergriff

Knox County Law Director

John Owings
Bill Lockett

Register of Deeds

Sherry Witt

Scott Emge


Jimmy "J.J" Jones

Randall Tyree

Property Assessor

Phil Ballard
Mike Lowe

Andrew Graybeal

Robert H. Bedwell

Criminal Court Judge Div. II

Bob McGee

Ken Irvine


Steve Hill
Roger Kane
Hobart Lumpkin
Steve Rogers, Sr.
Fred Sisk
L.B. Steele

Robert Bratton

School Board

Fifth District

Laurie Alford
Karen Carson

Second District

Indya Kincannon

Third District

Cindy Buttry

Eighth District

William "Bill" Phillips

County Commission

Fifth District Seat C

Thomas S. Baer
Richard Briggs
Jim McEvers
Kyle Phillips
John Schoonmaker

Don Sproles

First District Seat A

Albert O. Baah

Therea A. Cox
Pete Drew
Evelyn Gill
Lewis C. Logan, Jr
Samuel P. McKenzie
Cynthia Stancil

Second District Seat B

Charles D. Chuck Bolus

Amy Broyles
Cortney Piper
Chuck Williams

Fourth District Seat A

Richard T. Cate
William Daniels
Ruthie Kulhman
Walter S. Wojnar

Elaine Davis
Finbarr Sanders

Fourth District Seat B

Logan Brummitt
Ed Shouse
Jim Smelcher
Lee Tramel

Steve Drevick

Sixth District Seat A

Brad Anders
Matthew Jones
Walter S. McDaniel
Jimmie Shelton

Lloyd Daugherty

Kathy Bryant
Charles Connatser

Eighth District Seat B

James C. Eubanks
Kay Frazier
Maurice D. Freed
Gailen Porter
Dave C. Wright

Ninth District Seat A

Tim Greene
Michael Brown

C. Vernon Rose


A Fan Of Mr. Daugherty said...

Mr. Hornback,
I know you are real particular about details and not making mistakes. It looks like you left Lloyd Daugherty off the list for sixth district.

Brian Hornback said...

Obviously fan of mr. daugherty you missed him. He is listed between the red candidates and blue candidates because he has endorsed as many democrats as he has republicans.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Brian,Brian. You know that you added Mr. Daugherty's name only after it was pointed out to you. shame on you for telling an obvious lie.

Brian Hornback said...

anonymous that is not true. I have been called worse than what you have called me. Let this be proof that I publish all comments even if they do not agree with me and call me names even though this post is in violation of Brian's Blog rules.

SteveMule said...

I noticed it too. It wasn't in the original posting, only added later.
I get such a kick out of you ;-)


Brian Hornback said...

SteveMule you are a pretty good guy but just cause you may believe it doesn't make it so.