Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don Bosch Double Speak

Don "criminals are my friends" Bosch was a panelist on Inside Tennessee this morning. Bosch a criminal defense attorney did what criminal defense attorneys do best. Double speak.

In talking about County Commission Chairman Scott Moore he said Moore doesn't have a chance of winning this race and that Moore is running for his last political office. O.k. maybe Bosch was right. But wait here comes Bosch double speak.

In talking about Fifth District School Board candidate Karen Carson, he said "after all she was elected Chair, that means something."


You can use the Chair position to prop up the candidate for a non partisan position that you like. But you use it to beat Chairman Moore over the head.

We shouldn't expect anymore from a guy that represents the worse of the worse of our society. Plus, he needs to keep friends on the school board especially because when he has in the past and will likely in the future represent students that get kicked out of school for weapons and zero tolerance offenses.

That endorsement, my friends, will be one that Carson will regret receiving.

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