Friday, December 14, 2007

Criminal Court Judge Div. II

The red candidate is General Sessions Judge Bob McGee. The blue candidate is Ken Irvine, the recently appointed by Prince Phillip of Nashville.

This race will be decided on August 7, 2008. Brian's Blog will visit this one many, many times between now and August. This race pits two guys that are too nice for the job. General Sessions Judge Bob McGee has more than 20 years of experience as jurist, a judge.

Irvine has the experience of being appointed by Prince Phillip of Nashville in August of this year. Irvine was rejected by the voters of Knox County for this very position in August 2006. Judge Ray Lee Jenkins was re-elected to an eight year term in August of 2006 over the best effort of Ken Irivine. But unfortunately Judge Jenkins untimely passing away in August 2007, opened up an opportunity for the blue party led by Prince Phillip of Nashville to attempt to politicize the office and force a power grab for the blue party.

The only way that a blue candidate that has been rejected by all the voters of Knox County is eligible to serve is for the blue Prince Phillip of Nashville to come over here and knight him. On August 7, 2008 we will correct another one of the many errors that Prince Phillip of Nashville has made.

In examining Knox County's three Criminal Court Judge positions we find that prior to his untimely death Judge Jenkins was the red balance with the other two jurist being blue. So with Prince Phillip's appointment the administration of justice for the Criminal Court is in the hands of three members of the blue party. As you know the members of the blue party that drink the blue kool-aid are soft on crime.

It only takes Knox County having one red Criminal Court Judge to balance the two Criminal Court blue judges. Judge Bob McGee will balance the scales of criminal justice in Knox County on September 1, 2008.


SteveMule said...

This office wouldn't have been issue IF Judge Jenkins had not run for re-election when his health was clearly as bad as ir was. As it was he ran on what amounted to a platform of sentimentality and name recognition - cemented by Repulican lock-step alligence to all things Republican. He should not have run for re-election. He should have left with dignity and the thanks and repestful admiration of a gratful community.
Instead, he hung in there and died there and a Democrat Governor appointed a Democrat to replace him - surprise? NO! If the governor had been a a Republican he would have appointed a Republican replacement. You're just crying - just as if you had gone to a Catholic Church service and started whineing because you didn't hear an alter call (Catholics don't do alter calls).


Brian Hornback said...


Thank you for your concern. I was Chairman and we decided with Judge Jenkins that he should run for re-election. You as a Democrat can whine and complain that we kicked your candidates rear end with a man that you say should have not ran due to his health. You and your party are the whiners. The only way you all win is to have a criminal Governor appoint replacements.

As a member of the blue party, you really should use spell check and review your comments before sending them.

Republicans we are the educated group.