Monday, December 10, 2007

West Knox Republican Club Christmas Dinner

Republican Elected Officials and Candidates were plentiful tonight at the West Knox Republican Club Christmas Dinner at Rothchilds on Kingston Pike.

I took the opportunity to get my petition filled up and I thank all of the individuals that signed my qualifying petiton.

Congressman John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr and Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale were both speakers this evening. Congressman Duncan installed the new officers of the West Knox Republican Club for 2008. Sarah Holloway and Anne Allen were the musical entertainment and did an AWESOME job.

Candidate for Fifth District School Board Laurie Alford was present and warmly received by those in attendance.

Candidates for County Clerk present were Commission Chairman Scott Moore, Foster Arnett, Jr and Bryan Bates.

Candidates for Fifth District County Commission present were Jim McEvers and John Schoonmaker.

Candidates for Trustee present were Fred Sisk, L.B. Steele, Steve Hill and Roger Kane.

Candidates for Property Assessor present were Trustee Mike Lowe and County Commissioner Phil Ballard. Current Knox County Property Assessor John Whitehead attended as well.

Candidates for Law Director present were Knox County Law Director John Owings and local Attorney Bill Lockett.

Candidate for Register of Deeds Sherry Witt.

Candidate for Criminal Court Judge Div. II General Sessions Court Judge Bob R. McGee.

Candidate for Knox County Sheriff J.J. Jones.

Candidate for County Commission Ninth District Mike Brown.

Candidates for County Commission Eighth District Dave C. Wright and Gailen Porter.

Candidates for County Commission Sixth District Brad Anders and Jimmie Shelton.

Candidates for County Commission Fourth District Seat B Lee Tramel, Ed Shouse and Jim Smelcher.

Candidates for County Commission Fourth District Seat A Richard Cate, Ruthie Kulhman and Walt Wojnar.

Candidate for County Commission Second District Charles "Chuck" Bolus.

Candidate for County Commission First District Albert Baah.

A great time was had by all. In addition Congressman Duncan wished all in attendance a "Merry Christmas!"


A Fan said...

Brian, what are you running for?

Brian Hornback said...

I was curious how long it would take someone to notice that line.

I will reveal it within a day or two.

A Fan Of said...

Can't wait to hear! Don't make us wait!!

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing some things (good things for a change) about the guy running in the 8th district-Gailen Porter. The name sounds familiar and I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about him. Like I said, I have heard a lot of positives about him but want to know more. Any thoughts?