Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Interrupt Our Regular Posting For This Flashback

Is it time for another public awareness campaign? All that needs to change is the names. Instead of Harry Moskos, change it to read Jack McElroy. The news story that accompanied this published picture on Saturday March 30, 1996 by David Keim revealed that Keim was unable to discover the identity of the person (s) that paid for the billboard.

Gary Douglas of Douglas Outdoor Advertising, Inc in response to David Keim's inquiry said "I'm not going to divulge anything about the sponsors or anything like that." "I see it as a statement which reflects an opinion about the growing frustration of Knoxvillians with the editorial department."

Douglas reiterated "I don't disagree with the message," "Harry's hammered a lot of folks, and he does it on a regular basis and a lot of times it's not correct."

The more things and people change, the more they stay the same. Again, instead of Harry Moskos it is now Jack McElroy and Keim is still writing stories.


Anonymous said...

Both Harry Moskos and Jack McElroy are passionate about covering their local community.

If that warrants a billboard, put up a hundred.

Is the newspaper perfect? No. But it's easier than ever for people to call the newspaper out on their blogs (like you do) or in comments on it's blogs or articles or letters to the editor.

The more community issues, problems and events gets dicussed and debated in public instead of in the back hallways, the better.

I think discourse by a wide and diverse cross section of the public, including how the media covers the community, is great and one of the things to be thankful for at this time of year.

Thanks for highlighting it!

(Full Diclosure: I worked for Harry Moskos and do work for Jack McElroy.)

Brian Hornback said...

Jack D says put up a hundred. We will send you an envelope to help pay for them. Thanks.

As an employee of Harry's and Jack's a note is that the correct spelling is Disclosure. LOL. Just kidding, Jack. I am not perfect, but the liberl screaming bloggers like to hammer me with minor errors. I just couldn't resist, the opportunity to dig you on it.