Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Website Has Been Updated and Expanded

Go the Website link and check it out the expanded and updated website. The Directory of Government Officials has been updated.

The letter will be replaced soon and all of the links from Brian's Blog will be over there, as well.

Here is the link for Do you know what the name of the website is? It is Check the website early and often.

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Anonymous said...

The "free" paper once again makes statements for "public consumption" about the 8th District school board race between Conley Underwood and McMillan.
Steve Hunley implies (he finally takes credit for writing an article, instead of just saying "staff" ) that an e-mail to voters is a-kin to bullying and intimidation. There is a big difference between sending an e-mail to voters, stating facts that have appeared in the legitimate paper, than having someone call you to say you need to remove the oppositions sign from your yard! Some calls have even suggested there will be consequences if the opponents sign remains. And speaking of signs, have you noticed that quite a few of McMillans signs are on vacant land, or in front of homes that are vacant? Then there was a mention of land being purchased but not having a school built there for years. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that God isn't making any more land on earth, and the land bought today would cost far more than land that was purchased ten or so years ago. A perfect example is the land for Carter Elementary had been purchased long ago, thus there was a place to build the new school. Another statement was about Roy Mullins favoring renovations at Carter. Hunley keeps writing that as if it were true. It isn't. During meetings, Mullins repeatedly stated his 1st choice would be a NEW Carter Elementary School. Maybe Hunley feels if he says something enough times he can make it true. McMillan is but one vote on the school board. Things that have been prevented from happening are the result of a majority of school board members voting against them, not just McMillan "refusing" to let it happen.