Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knox County School Board Elections and Run-Off

Congratulations to Rex Stooksbury and Robert Bratton. Rex Stooksbury defeated incumbent Seventh district School Board member Diane Dozier. Rex has committed his life to public education, having served as a teacher, principal and in the human resources department of the central office. Rex retired a few years ago and now returns as a school board member. Rex will serve as a representative voice of the district that overwhelmingly elected him on Tuesday. As I traveled around the many different precincts on election day, Rex had many committed volunteers working the polls and they served his candidacy well. It is refreshing to see that the district will now be served by someone committed to making our school district better and not by someone that is simply "taking up space"

In the Ninth district Robert Bratton was re-elected and that is good news. Robert in representing his district has accomplished more for South Knox County than has been attempted for South Knox County within the last 30 years. It is good for the future of south Knox County that they have not taken the step to move back to an era of mediocrity. South Knox County is now poised to receive a much needed New Hopewell Elementary and other great steps in the right direction.

In the Sixth district, the three way race has now been reduced to two. Fred Dillon ran strong in Hardin Valley, Solway, Ball Camp. Dillon's next step could be instrumental in selecting the next school board member. The candidates left are Thomas Deakins and Lee Martin. Deakins and Martin are both fathers. Deakins a father of four (2 school age) Martin a father of three (all 3 school age).

In the primary, Deakins was supported by former Sixth district School Board Member and failed Republican candidate for State Representative Diane Jablonski.

This is a brand new race. There will be more on this in future post. Check out the campaigns websites here and here.

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