Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knox County Circuit Court Div. IV Judge

In the most unusual judicial race in my 24 years of Republican grassroots experience, there was the race for Knox County Circuit Court Div. IV Judge.

Judge Bill Swann has served as the "divorce judge" for 24 years. There has been rumbling for several years about Judge Swann's demeanor and handling of the court. I am not a lawyer, nor the son of a lawyer, so I will refrain from judging the judge. I fortunately have never been in front of Judge Swann and hope that I never have to be. This race really highlighted a sharp contrast of differences. It got "dirty" and at times seemed personal.

Rarely do judges get a challenge and when they do it rarely gets like this one. The voting public has decided to send Judge Bill Swann back for 8 years. That's the other thing when you are elected a judge, you get employment for an 8 year term.

Congratulations, Judge Bill Swann.

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