Saturday, May 13, 2006

KnoxViews Down....Is It Out?

UPDATE: It's 9:24 p.m. and is back up. Good work.

KnoxViews is down this evening. Some obscure failure to connect message is there. I am sure R.Neal will be working to correct the errors. (I am currently watching the Darlington Nascar race, with 162 to go, my man Jimmy Johnson is in the lead. Jimmy became my driver after my driver Rusty Wallace retired at the conclusion of last years series. I have been a Nascar fan since 1989)

For those of you that have commented to me about my activity over at KnoxViews the last day or two. I decided to poke a stick in the beehive and see how they would react.

I am sorry their forum broke down today. I hope it comes back, so they can communicate. My primary commenting will be here at home with Brian's Blog, I will post occasionally over there, especially when I post about issues near and dear to the "liberal deaniacs" or defend attacks on my favorite Republicans like the Future United States Senator of the State of Florida Katherine Harris.

Whatever you read about this blog or Republicans, that can not be confirmed, is simply lies, damn lies.

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