Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knox County Mayor Election

I am going to breakdown the Tuesday ballot Republican winners into small manageable post. In this post I will discuss the Knox County Mayor's race.

County Mayor - Congratulations to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale on his re-election win. Ragsdale received nearly 60% of the vote, giving him a mandate for the next four years. Many good things have happened in Knox County over the past 4 years and a Mayor that is not picking fights with the City Mayor or a Mayor that is not laying down and allowing the City administration to run over them is refreshing. Mayor Ragsdale has brought life to the Knox County Schools Capital improvement plan. Prior to Mayor Ragsdale, there had not been a new school built in Knox County in a number of years. I am not quite sure what they did with the capital plan money, but Mayor Ragsdale started the heart again. Mayor Ragsdale began a nationally acclaimed Read with Me program and the Great Schools Partnership that has breathed new, refreshing air into our schools. Now the school house door has been thrown open and propped open so that we have business, community and concerned citizens are volunteering in our schools, where they were not welcomed before. New Senior Citizen Centers, New Libraries, a New water splash park, a new high school and many other projects.

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