Saturday, May 20, 2006

UPDATE: Biden Out For TONIGHT Original Post: Biden Out For Tomorrow Night


The Brian's Blog correspondents are already busy at work, they have informed me that many invitations went out and were returned with No, Thank you following Senator Biden's withdrawl. An invitation was extended to State Representative leader Kim McMillian and she declined. The KnoxDem leaders were so desperate they extended an invitation to an unelected Knox County Democrat female. My how they must have panicked.

An invitation has been extended to me, in jest, I assumed, asking if I would serve as Chairman of both parties, since the leadership of the KnoxDems is left wanting of a real leader. I will consider any serious request.

UPDATE: This from todays Knoxville News-Sentinel. The bold is either emphasis added, which I note or my commentary on the dialogue in the story.

Reasons for Biden's cancellation vary from local Democrats being unable to raise $50,000 for the senator to being unable to work out travel arrangements for his tight schedule.

Don Daugherty, an independent legal writer who has an office with lawyer Gordon Ball, said $15,000 had been raised for Biden. In addition, Ball's plane, which was to transport Biden, has to have an engine replaced after metal chips were found in the oil. "We can't use the airplane," Ball said.

Emily Singer, a member of the Knox County Board of Governors who helped line up Biden and was assisting with fund-raising, said $50,000 was not promised but had been cited (emphasis added) (it wasn't promised but was cited,Ms. Singer's words and now he doesn't show, hmm, interesting words from the local Demos) as an amount that had been raised locally for former presidential candidate John Edwards.

"He did not cancel just because of that (fund-raising). (So, he did cancel in part because of the fundraising? Or didn't he) There were plane issues, a tight schedule, too many things were not going to work well," Singer said.

Jim Gray, local Democratic chairman, said other speakers have been secured. They include Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Of Memphis, leading Democratic candidate for the U Senate (Hey, Jimmy, I thought when Kurita backed out that he was the only Democrat candidate) ; Paul Hackett, an Iraqi war veteran who narrowly lost a special election to Congress in a usually solidly Republican district in Cincinnati last year; state Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Paula Flowers; and state party officials. Where is Governor Bready?

Some 850 Democrats from throughout East Tennessee - fewer than in recent years (this should be a big year, since the Demos had no Truman Day Dinner last year and more in attendance, and if the Demos are correct in what they have been saying that the Republicans are slipping in the polls and all) - are expected at the $50-per-person dinner at the Knoxville Convention Center.

This was forwarded to me from the internet , yesterday (after the initial post) by an avid reader of Brian's Blog. This is a statement that Hackett made on February 14, 2006.

Cincinnati, OH - Paul Hackett released the following statement today to his friends and supporters regarding his withdrawal from the campaign for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

Today I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the race for United States Senate. I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign.

But there was no quid pro quo. I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration.

I told the voters from the beginning that I am not a career politician and never aspired to be--that I was about leadership, service and commitment.
Similarly, I told party officials that I had given my word to other good Democrats, who will take the fight to the Second District, that I would not run. In reliance on my word they entered the race. I said it. I meant it. I stand by it. At the end of the day, my word is my bond and I will take it to my grave.

Thus ends my 11 month political career. Although it is an overused political clichŠ¹, I really will be spending more time with my family, something I wasn't able to do because my service to country in the political realm continued after my return from Iraq. Perhaps my wonderful wife Suzi said it best after we made this decision when she said "Honey, welcome home." I really did marry up.

To my friends and supporters, I pledge that I will continue to fight and to speak out on the issues I believe in. As long as I have the microphone, I will serve as your voice.
It is with my deepest respect and humility that I thank each and every one of you for the support you extended to our campaign to take back America, and personally to me and my family. Together we made a difference. We changed the debate on the Iraq War, we inspired countless veterans to continue their service by running for office as Democrats and we made people believe again. We must continue to believe.

Remember, we must retool our party. We must do more than simply aspire to deliver greatness; we must have the commitment and will to fight for what is great about our party and our country; Peace, prosperity and the freedoms that define our democracy.
Rock on.
Paul Hackett

So, Hackett said "I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration." Interesting that the KnoxDems could NOT profile their incumbent that is running for re-election to statewide office. But, have selected a virtual no body as their main speaker.

Maybe Junior and Bredesen will not campaign together, so the locals selected Junior instead of Bredesen.

ORIGINAL POST: If you can believe everything you read on other blogs. It is being reported that U.S. Senator Joe Biden has backed out of his commitment to speak to the Knox County Democrat faithful tomorrow night at the Chicken Truman Day Dinner. Chicken because that's what their serving.

It was announced Paul Hackett has replaced Biden as the featured speaker. A review of Paul Hackett on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, that is internet web based has a lot of information but specifically, the most recent information is the following:

On February 13, 2006, Hackett announced that he was withdrawing from the race and ending his political career. Hackett told the New York Times that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and New York Senator Chuck Schumer recently had asked him to withdraw. He further contends that Schumer sabotaged his fundraising efforts and actively worked against his campaign [3]. Hackett said, "For me, this is a second betrayal...first, my government misused and mismanaged the military in Iraq, and now my own party is afraid to support candidates like me." [4] On March 14th, 2006, he appeared on an episode of The Daily Show on a segment which satirized the mainstream Democratic Party's criticism of Hackett.

You can check out all the Paul Hackett Wikipedia information, here.


Dave Oatney said...

Paul Hackett is so liberal that the Democrats in Ohio's second district (who tend to be more liberal because there isn't much of a Democratic Party in the 2nd, so the Dems who are there are hard-core sorts) would not support this man.

A nice enough fellow, just a political freak. He'd probably make a good host on Air America

Brian Hornback said...

It is interesting that in the one blog that is announcing this. They are bragging on Harold Ford, Jr and a guy that has said his party has abandoned him.

Governor Bredy was overheard singing about the Knox County Democrat Party.

"Where oh where are you tomorrow night. Why did you leave me here all alone. You searched the world over and thought you had found true love. You met another (Hackett) and poof I was gone."