Friday, May 05, 2006

They Call Her Sometime Show Doz

Brian's Blog had the exclusive and you read it here, Monday night. Diane Dozier, Seventh District School Board member no showed for the boards work session on the eve of her re-election. Well, there was a sighting of the previously mentioned No Show Doz. But, if you were not looking fast you would have missed her.

After her district rejected her on Tuesday May 2, 2006. She went to the Wednesday meeting, she handed out the tenure pins to the new tenured teachers of district 7, she lingered ever so briefly. She left during the discussion on the Superintendent's contract, she did not vote. The vote not to extend was 8-0 with Dozier making her No Show Doz again.

The district won on Tuesday with the election of Rex Stooksbury.

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